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Scaling up digitally supported self-care

Private and secure HIV self-testing in every pocket. Harnessing technology for low-touch, more approachable, more efficient paths to testing and treating.

Aviro envisions a future where all patients receive the right information and care at the right time in a friendly, accessible and efficient way. The organization was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing better access to services, promoting self-care and lessening the burden on health systems.

HIV and Diabetes are two diseases that have a very significant number of patients, clear pathways from testing to treatment, and well-understood treatment plans. But too often, individuals who require care do not get tested or drop out of their care routine due to any number of the barriers. These barriers might be physical or social (time, distance, stigma, cost, education), psychological (denial, intimidation, confusion, resignation) or related to the health system itself (miscommunications, overworked health workers and complicated procedures).

To help solve this problem, Aviro has created the Aviro Pocket Clinic, a digital self-care platform made available through service providers in the public and private sector. It empowers patients with accessible and engaging semi-automated health journeys, counselling and linkage to services via phones or devices in facilities, and supports health providers with a platform to stay connected to their patients. Not only does this help patients navigate testing and treatment more effectively, it also provides health providers with a scalable and automated tool which allows them to provide better care to more patients.

In the last 2 years, Aviro Pocket Clinic has helped over 50,000 patients access health services in South Africa and Kenya. The goal of Aviro & Madiro’s work is to increase adoption by health providers in those two countries. Madiro will support Aviro’s vision by providing technical support and associated networks. This will help Aviro partner with many types of health providers (NGOs, pharmacies, DOHs), with a special focus on helping health providers adopt Aviro’s clinically validated and NDOH-endorsed support for HIV self-testing.

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Aviro Health on iPad
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