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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Focusing on the last mile to improve health outcomes

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Community Based Care
Mobile technologies

Leveraging community-based care and mobile technologies to impact the health of remote communities.

Healthy Entrepreneurs offers Community Health Workers (CHWs) an investment opportunity to become ‘Community Health Entrepreneurs’. Qualified CHWs pay an investment fee of $40 to enter the program. In exchange, they receive training, a solar-powered smartphone, and a starter kit of health products worth $100 on credit. The training includes modules on health, business skills and the use of two apps that support their work. The health app with videos and algorithms to support the quality of their work and the product order app promotes the assortment and facilitates ordering.

These CHWs are able to sell health care products and educate their customers, turning remote villages into healthier and better-informed communities.

Healthy Entrepreneurs currently operates in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi.

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Madiro’s areas of support

Madiro is fuelling Healthy Entrepreneur’s growth by providing:

  1. M&E and operations research support to generate evidence on health out comes associated with their model.
  2. Software development and technology infrastructure support to ensure Healthy Entrepreneur’s technology is able to scale as they enter new districts.

Healthy Entrepreneurs is aiming to train 150,000 Community Health Entrepreneurs in 10 countries by 2030. Exponential growth for better outcomes at scale.

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