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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Focusing on the last mile to improve health outcomes

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Community Based Care
Mobile technologies

Leveraging community-based care and mobile technologies to impact the health of remote communities.

Healthy Entrepreneurs offers Community Health Workers (CHWs) an investment opportunity to become ‘Community Health Entrepreneurs’. Qualified CHWs pay an investment fee of $40 to enter the program. In exchange, they receive training, a solar-powered smartphone, and a starter kit of health products worth $100 on credit. The training includes modules on health, business skills and the use of two apps that support their work. The health app with videos and algorithms to support the quality of their work and the product order app promotes the assortment and facilitates ordering.

These CHWs are able to sell health care products and educate their customers, turning remote villages into healthier and better-informed communities.

Healthy Entrepreneurs currently operates in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi.

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Community Health Entrepreneur Testimonial

"My name is Etinoh Arina from Kayunga, I am working as a Community Health Entrepreneur in the Healthy Entrepreneurs program.

Before I joined Healthy Entrepreneurs, my life was hard and difficult. I didn’t have any source of income and taking care of myself and the entire family was a challenge. Thanks to Healthy entrepreneurs my standards of living have greatly improved, we can earn some money every day. I have been able to generate school fees for my children and they have been able to join good performing schools.

The HE service improved the living conditions in my community, compared to when I was just working as a Village Health Team (VHT). Now, I can supply medicine at a cheap and affordable price. During home visits, I help patients and let them talk to the doctor with the doctor-at-a-distance services. Even with the MUAC tapes, we can easily identify the malnourished children which in the end helps reduce the death rates in my community. With all this, patients are able to save on time and transport costs, they don’t have to move from one place to another looking for assistance.

Ever since the HE training, a lot of changes have been happening in my life which am grateful for. Due to the family planning training, I started myself also on family planning. With this, I am now spacing my children which I was not previously doing. I can assure you that both me and my breast-feeding baby we are in a very good health.

I live in the community myself, and I am always accessible. Members approach me and ask about any challenges and myths they face about some medicines or family planning. We are even try to involve the husbands in the health talks of family planning, the turn up is not yet good but those that turn up always appreciate the service.

The service has really helped the mothers to keep their families healthy and save on hospital bills. This has reduced domestic violence in the community as previously it was too much due to disagreements between husbands and wives because of expenditure like hospital bills.

Through HE I have gained a lot of experience and confidence as far as health care is concerned. I also got to learn more about other family planning methods and different types of contraceptives. Ladies in my community have greatly appreciated a lot my services and they have been coming to me in large numbers."

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