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Digitizing and connecting remote health facilities

Helping remote health centers go from paper-based and disconnected, to on-the-grid and working digitally.

To this day, a large number healthcare systems on the African continent remain un-digitzied - paper-based and unconnected - due to improper infrastructure, poor internet connectivity and unreliable power in rural and remote areas. Signalytic’s technology is built to digitize and connect remote health facilities which could dramatically improve the care that is being provided to more than 600 million individuals on the African continent who lack adequate healthcare today.

Signalytic provides a comprehensive solution, starting with a solar-powered server that creates local wifi and connects to other servers, bringing remote health centers online and connecting them to other facilities, even in regions where cell phone reception is absent. In addition to hardware, the organization provides an application that allows facilities to manage their supplies, send and receive data, create and authorize requisitions, and more.

Digitization promises a number of improvements, including:

  • Better supply chain management and the reduction in falsified and substandard medicines
  • Improved quality of health services through digital training
  • Improved management of patients through electronic decision support systems
  • Better health outcomes via electronic data collection, enabling access the medical records from other locations, quicker retrieval of records, electronic prescriptions, better communication, etc.
  • Introducing efficiencies for front-line workers

In 2021, Signalytic successfully installed their platform in 25 health centers in Uganda. The goal of Signalytic & Madiro’s work is to increase adoption by health facilities.

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