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Scaling innovation in global health

We are impatient for a future where quality healthcare and a productive life are accessible to all. Our mission is to identify transformative innovations in global health and help drive them to scale.

Who we are

Madiro accelerates innovations that improve the health of vulnerable communities.

Madiro has a deep commitment to health equity for the world's most vulnerable populations, whether lack of access to quality health care is due to weak health systems, living in rural or remote areas, or from conflict or marginalization. Madiro works on high-impact projects that will save lives, reduce suffering and promote well-being.

How we work

Madiro drives health impact via direct implementation, capacity building and the support of grass roots organizations.

Our projects

Our game-changing projects across Africa
focus on scaling innovation to maximize
health and well-being.


Our granting program supports initiatives aimed at saving lives and reducing suffering around the world.

What we value


Improve the health of the most vulnerable and of those who lack access to quality healthcare;  we get involved where we can make a significant difference


Preparing and supporting innovation with local proof-of-concept for adoption at scale. We think in millions, reaching far and wide


Includes digital technology, new models of care, health systems innovation and diagnostics


We catalyze partnership, collaboration, and matching investment to create network synergies and for greater impact


Aligning interests among participants helps drive outcomes; entrepreneurial models and social enterprise are emphasized

Advocacy, Education, Engagement

To improve national and international policy and funding decisions, and to increase involvement in global health programming

Our work

Our projects & grantees


Ubuntu Village of Life

Ubuntu Village of Life, the community-based organization contributing to the well-being and opportunities of Burundians in the remote Mugamba Commune.

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Using technology to help rural and remote health centers go from paper-based and disconnected, to on-the-grid and working digitally for better outcomes at scale.

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Médecins Sans Frontières

Leveraging mobile-enabled innovation to increase adherence support to drug-resistant Tuberculosis patients in Eswatini: Video/Virtually Observed Therapy (VOT)

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Aviro Health

Private and secure HIV self-testing in every pocket. Harnessing technology for low-touch, more approachable, more efficient paths to testing and treating.

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A multi-faceted project addressing health challenges for youth, teenagers and young mothers in Ndhiwa Sub County, Kenya.

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PICSA Uganda

Maternal and newborn interventions in under-resourced health centers in Moyo District, Uganda

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Hope Life International

Sexual reproductive health & rights (SRHR) education for in-school adolescents in The Gambia

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SIXKNM Self-Help Group

Enhancing the integration of community mental health services in Kenya’s Nakuru County

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Addressing the disrupted HIV response in South Sudan: prevention, care, treatment and retention services in Mundri West County, South Sudan

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GCWR Uganda

Addressing Uganda's mental health gap: fighting stigma and protecting vulnerable communities in the Wakiso District.

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Partners in Health

In light of the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on August 14th 2021, organizations like Partners In Health (PIH) have been providing crucial emergency relief on the ground.

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Over the last 20 years, UNICEF has helped reach more than 760 million children with life-saving vaccines, preventing more than 13 million deaths.

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