Madiro is dedicated to advancing medical and humanitarian operations in global health, responding to its ever-evolving challenges through innovation, collaboration, and social entrepreneurship. Our operational model supports projects from their inception through to viable integration.

To increase the likelihood of success and impact of our investees, Madiro provide’s technical assistance and capacity building that tackle barriers to scaling.

We concentrate on critical barriers that require longer time horizons to address, and that can pose significant risks to widespread adoption.

Areas of work

Technical assistance and capacity building:

Evidence Generation to demonstrate impact, efficiency, and safety, thereby meeting requirements from health system gatekeepers and institutional payors;

Anticipating and addressing technology needs, such as software interoperability and patient privacy; and

Providing guidance on effectively scaling innovations in imperfect markets.

Implementation support to drive scale

Madiro provides coordination and change management support to implementing partners, improving uptake and effective deployment of new technologies in frontline health contexts. Additionally, we engage with scale partners to disseminate evidence and experience, aiming to influence investment and global health policy decisions

A closer look at our work

Digital public goods to advance global health innovation

Generating evidence to scale HE's model

Implementation support to scale cost-efficient infrastructure to the most remote areas.

Our Investments

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There are many ways to make an impact.

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There are many ways to make an impact.