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Jaza Energy

Powering up a brighter, healthier future

Thousands benefit from Jaza’s solar battery exchange program to light up their lives. 

Jaza Energy, an innovative utility company, has set its sights on providing energy for millions of people across Africa with a renewable and affordable energy solution. Their vision is fueled by a determination to transform the lives of millions of people who don’t have access to energy in their communities.

Over 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are living without electricity, and are often left with using harmful alternatives like kerosene and generators that cause pollution and health issues. Jaza’s mission is to address these pressing health, economic and environmental challenges by creating a distribution network of rechargeable solar batteries. Their distribution network strategy is as innovative as their vision, thanks to their solar-powered shops or “hubs”, from which rechargeable batteries are rented out to customers through an affordable subscription model. 

Their current reach extends across Nigeria and Tanzania, where they have delivered energy to 90,000 individuals and 11,500 homes. Madiro joined forces with Jaza in October 2023 to support their expansion efforts. Together, the aim is to amplify the impact of Jaza’s programs and expand to more countries across the continent, as the company plans to set up hubs in communities in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and Cote D’Ivoire.

In the last few years, Jaza also provided employment to more than 250 women, known as “Jaza Stars”. Their employees are recruited, trained and hired to manage service delivery in their communities, and in Jaza’s own words are, “the most important people in our company.” 

The testimonials from Jaza Stars paint a vivid picture of the transformative impact Jaza has on their lives. Thanks to their work, many employees feel empowered to have a say in their life decisions. Some employees describe having found their self-confidence to speak up in social settings, breaking gender norms and providing valuable services to their communities.

“Previously it was difficult for me to stand in front of men and explain something, but now I have the confidence to do it and I do it as a service provider... it has given me courage to talk with people in my society,” explains 19-year old Kalege. 

Jaza’s impact on customer lives is also remarkable, with over 2.6 million ‘swaps’ of recharged batteries having occurred since Jaza first opened their doors in 2017.

Agineta, a busy tailor living in Kingoma, Tanzania, was familiar with solar solutions but found them inadequate to meet her needs. When she heard about Jaza, she was immediately interested in the quality of light produced by the batteries and the portability of the battery packs. When she signed up for the battery subscription service, she became the first person to use these in her community.

“The quality of the light allows me to work after dark and my children are able to study thanks to it. This was not possible before, because the light we had was too dim, so I am a very happy Jaza customer. I am also able to move around with the product, either at my office or take it home for household use.”

These stories show the consistent value that Jaza Energy brings, demonstrating its reliability and massive transformational impact on the livelihoods, health and the environment in thousands of communities in Africa.

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