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Our Strategic Projects

Transformative solutions driving better health outcomes

...and by better, we mean significantly better. We care about lasting impact, wide reach, and exponential scaling potential.

Our Projects

Our work

Innovations in the world of health have the potential to help vulnerable communities lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. Our focus is on unlocking this potential by working on transformational digital technologies, new models of care, improved health systems and new diagnostics.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We work with game-changing organizations across Africa whose solutions have demonstrated local impact and proof-of-concept. Through operational support and capacity building, we help our beneficiaries scale their solutions to reach the maximum number of people.

We make our research findings available to the public to benefit our community.

Our work includes:

Medical and public health programming


Capacity building in:

  • Medical and public health systems and approaches
  • Strategy and management
  • M&E and Research
  • Software development and data science

Resource mobilization


Creation of network synergies to improve outcomes, and to drive better policy and funding decision making


Educational programming in global health

Our strategic projects

Game-changing innovations in global health

Jaza Energy

Thousands of people across Africa benefit from Jaza Energy's solar battery exchange program to light up their lives, improving their health in the process.

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Médecins Sans Frontières

An innovative electronic medical record system for MSF that will help improve medical care, follow-ups and outcomes for patients in low-resource settings.

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Ubuntu Village of Life

Ubuntu Village of Life, the community-based organization contributing to the well-being and opportunities of Burundians in the remote Mugamba Commune.

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Médecins Sans Frontières

Leveraging mobile-enabled innovation to increase adherence support to drug-resistant Tuberculosis patients in Eswatini: Video/Virtually Observed Therapy (VOT)

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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Leveraging technology-enabled community-based care and supply chain to provide remote communities with health products and improved access to health care.

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